My attraction to art began when I was very young on the floor of my father’s studio with colored pencils and sheets of white paper bigger than I was.

My father was a professional artist. My parents’ interests revolved largely around their preoccupation with art, antiques, history, and traveling and they passed their interests along to me. We lived for a year near Cannes when I was very small. Trips stretched to many other parts of Europe also, and fueled my imagination to this day in ways that no classroom probably ever did. My first significant professional experience as a painter was a solo exhibit in 1973 in La Jolla, California when I was 19 in a gallery operated by the interior design business, Ross Thiele & Son.

Later I painted murals for almost two decades, mostly in houses. Some were in wonderful places, and during that time my interest in decorative art and design of all periods grew steadily. However, traveling to do murals was difficult, and over time some jobs became exhausting. When my wife told me the teachers and staff where our son at age five attended school thought she was a widow it was clear that things needed to change. From 2003 onward I’ve focused mainly on easel size paintings and prints.

CLIENTS HAVE INCLUDED: Pierre Frey, Paris, The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, The Royal Saudi Embassy Residence, McClean Va., Caspari, Inc. Louis Sherry Inc., Mary Mahoney, Palm Beach, Ms. Wendy Vanderbilt, New York, Mrs. Roger Firestone, Philadelphia, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goodyear, Philadelphia, Mrs. John Dorrance, Philadelphia, Kirstie Alley, Los Angeles.

FEATURED IN: Veranda MagazineArchitectural Digest, Elle DécorTown & CountryDepartures Magazine, Flower Magazine & others. My images have been licensed for fabrics, wallpaper, paper goods, packaging, lacquered wood serving trays, placemats and other home items.

INTERIOR DESIGN FIRMS AS CLIENTS INCLUDE: McMillen Inc., New York, Dorothy Draper, Inc. New York, Irvine & Fleming, New York, Pamela Banker, New York, Alessandra Branca, Chicago, Katie Ridder, Inc. New York, Ross Thiele & Son, La Jolla. 


1978-1981 B.S. Industrial Design, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

1973-1976 Fine Art, Boston University College of Fine Art

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: The paintings I produce reflect my great attraction to both fine and decorative art. I gravitate heavily to narratives that reflect the positive side of life. I find inspiration in the natural world, literature, history, and the things and people surrounding me in daily life.